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Waiting on Winter

koalajumperskirtcorrectoneshoesplants-Skirt, vintage from Savers / Australia knit jumper, children’s vintage size 16 / Scarf and Beanie, Glassons / Sunglasses, MinkPink / handbag, MimcoShoes, C/O: Chiyo -

Firstly, I need to put it out there that I am aware of my mismatched socks. Polkadots and strips are always a good combo in my books! Secondly, it still seems rather odd to be wearing knit scarfs, hats and sweaters in Australia when the sun is shining and there is no snow for 193924734734 miles.

I have to say that this knit “jumper” featuring a loveable koala and the word “Australia” in capital letters is a serious all time favourite of mine at the moment. The best $20.00 i’ve ever spent! And how about the shoes?! Leather lace-ups with a chunky block heel… yes pleasssseeeee. Some-what vintage inspo. in the front, all party in the back!! I’m only now realising that I have no photographs of the heel… Guess you’ll have to head on over to the CHIYO website and check them out for yourself! Maybe buy a pair or two… Let’s face it, you deserve it.

Xx Linda Chai


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Blue Fluffy Things

scarfstandupcloseupscrafshoesorangeleavestwoshoulder- Dress, Vintage from Savers / Knit Jumper, Gorman / Shoes, Wittner / Scarf, Seed / Necklace, Lovisa -

I love winter because it’s cold.

I like to wear jumpers and layers upon layers of awesome knit clothing.

I’m keeping this post minimal as I’m extremely hungover. If you realllly want an update of my life, i’ve basically been spending a lot of my time working, watching David Lynch films and dreaming about Twin Peaks. I just can’t except the ending… I’m contemplating re-writing the last 6 episodes and “suggesting” to David that he give them some serious consideration… Honestly there’s just a lot of shit that needs to be fixed. It’s pretty much a nasty hot mess in the end. Who is this Annie chick anyway? I mean, yes, I knooooow who she is, but I really hate her character. Way to ruin the series Heather Graham. Anyway enough of this rant, it’s giving me the rage.

The End.

Xx Linda Chai


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Johnston Street – Melbourne – Australia

FirstoneLasttimecloseupJstreetlasttryJstreet-Jacket, Gingham & heels / Dress, ZARA / Yellow flower necklace and long gold necklace, Lovisa / Golden fringe necklace, EMELDO via SaveTheLastPinker / Bracelet, MossMan / Bag – Oldie from Canada / Over the knee BadAssBoots, Merchant1948 -

I always feel somewhat compelled to adorn every blog post with endless fashion tips and tricks. Quiet honestly people I have no secrets, reasons or rhymes. A man stopped me on Swanston Street the other day, to tell me how much he appreciated my style. He asked me why I dress the way that I do. What are my inspirations when styling an outfit, or am I just well travelled? I was a little bit thrown off guard by these questions to be honest. I grew up in a village: population 1777. I’m not well travelled at all. I do well to see anything more than my workspace and home let alone other countries!

I guess what I’m getting at, because there needs to be a mini topic here… Is that I take inspiration from everything and anything. I guess there is some logic to it. If you study the history of fashion you’ll know what shapes go with certain colours, patterns and accessories etc. But all in all I guess I just like mixing and matching, and wearing something new and different every day. Clothing can be more than just material that we wear to protect our precious bods from the aliments. Fashion is an art form, and clothing, the preferred choice of medium.

The best styling advice I’ve come across is; “When you’re not sure, add more”. I love layers and bits and pieces and shinny things, bright things and fluffy things… pretty much every type of “thing” really. So why not just add them all together?! Kinda like a fruit salad… except you wear it instead of eating it…

As long as the outcome results in happiness and confidence, it’s a knockout outfit in my eyes! I feel kinda, sorta, like a philosopher of fashion… Quite moving really. Splendid.

Xx Linda Chai


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Aloe Vera Cocktails and Blonde Boy Bartenders.

terrizouheditzouhedit222333carzhoucloseupthirdtime- Dress, ZARA / Cape, Seed / Pumps, Merchant / Necklace, Lovisa / Rocking Bod, Mama Chai -

Last Thursday was the VIP grand opening of cocktail bar Zhou Zhou on Chapel Street, in the ohh sooo beautiful South Yarra. It’s located just on top of the Oriental Tea House. Oooof coooourse I was invited and oooof coooourse I brought with me my posse of sweet ass hotness. Ohh please tell me that you can hear the sarcasm in my voice as you imagine me reading this to you. PS. My accent is still somewhat Canadian, with a hint of New Zelander but more Australian, especially when I pronounce my O’s… Just so you can get that right…

So as you know, I am a Northy through and through and I spend most of my days roaming around Fitzroy, Collingwood, and good old Brunny. Is it embarrassing to admit that this outing was my first drinking adventure into the wonderful? Streets of the South Yarra?? Hells no! I say it with pride in my voice and a tea from Juddy Roller clasped firmly in my hands! Northies you know what I mean here… Ohhh that lemon grass and ginger blend is kinda a delicious daydream.

Back on topic… So the unlimited supply of free aloe vera cocktails destroyed me. You should also know that every time we ordered one, we yelled “Hello Vera!” in a horrible British accent… I know it makes no sense but it seemed appropriate at the time. Yes, we are those people at the bar. Shame. With a capital letter S.

The Posse fell apart some time around 11:00PM in Richmond and what remained of us ended up at our precious Ev, in Fitzroy. John (bottle-o manager with the curly moustache who we love very dearly) was very impressed with our cocktail attire. Not sure how he felt about our drunken antics though… YOLO. Between you and me, I did fall off of one of the bar stools and spilt wine euurywhere. This is becoming more of a common occurrence lately…

So, all in all, if you ever find yourself in the South Yarra… (You poor things you) you might as well have a glass at Zhou Zhou. Or two, or three… They’ve got a selection of like 80 different beers… Sweet mother of Chai, nothings sounded sweeter.

PS. I also… just kinda… kinda… like that bar… kinda…

Xx Linda Chai

Now’s here’s some snaps of the lovely Charchar.

DSC_4174 copyDSC_4208 copyDSC_4209 copyDSC_4212_2 copy- Dress, Gorman / Shoes, Merchant -

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Time to get your shop on ladies!

The Iconic is giving you 20% OFF SELECTED STYLES!! Promo ends the 27th of Feb. USE CODE: AUSSIE20

Click here and shop until your hearts content and your wardrobe is full!!

Xx Linda Chai

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Le Temps de L’amour


- Dress, (Vintage) Shag / Kimono and Necklace, Ishka / Shoes, Merchant -

Well my loved ones, I’ve been waiting to share this dress with you all for a very long time! I successfully hunted this gem from the Shag shop in the Melbourne CBD. It’s rare to find vintage that seems to have never been worn, but I think this may be the case for this blue daydream of a dress! Oh how lucky am I!? Let me tell you… Very! :)

Quick note: I’ve been purchasing older records lately and I’m now on the hunt for some of Francoise Hardy’s vinyls. I love her album “The Yeh-Yeh Girl From Paris”. This will be my mission this coming weekend, and if anyone has any helpful tips, they are more than encouraged!! I’ve added a link to one of my favourite songs on my FaceBook page. You should check it out, and if you haven’t liked the YoungOneHunting FB page, well ya might as well do that too! I mean, it’s kinda amazing… Just saying…

Xx Linda Chai

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I Used To Be Legit…


- Top and Pants: ZARA / Sunnies: Choies / Bag: Oldie from Canada / Necklaces: Lovisa / Shoes: Jo Mercer -

So tots loving these pants and top that I picked up from ZARA. I did purchase them at separate times however so don’t you judge me!! Normally I find it hard to complete an outfit from one store, but ZARA seems to make it happen for me. Hooray Hooray! One downside though, I have to get every pair of pants, dress and full length skirt that I own hemmed. Ahhh the troubles I face, being 5’3… Life can really be difficult sometimes! First world problems I guess… Still annoying though.

I have to say that my new shoes from Jo Mercer are pretty darn cute, and the cuteness so outweighs the pain around the peep-toe! Yes I have blisters… but I also looked tres adorable on my date so I don’t cuuure! As for the sunnies, fashion die-hards may hate me… They are Karen Walker look-a-likes from choies. I’m all about buying designer and brand-names, don’t get the girl wrong… Girl just likes paying $15.00 vs. $300 – $400.00. Thats alotta hundies my friend! Stay Sweet!

Xx Linda Chai


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